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    We are all deeply unique and different so when we come together with another person what we make and are together is unique as well. Every friend, lover, partner what you are together, share together, create together can never be replicated or found in another it’s a unique connection. There will never be another you, and there will never be what you are with another person. We share something unique with every being in our life, it could never be the same. Think about how BEAUTIFUL and SPECIAL that is.

    Just like you cannot find someone the same as you, you cannot find that same special connection and bond, friendship you share with a best friend, a lover, a husband/wife, sister/brother, pet, tree it is always going to be different…always….So the loss of someone by death or a break up or in whichever way is a loss of what you share specifically with that person. You will never experience the same thing with another. Expectation of finding the same thing is an illusion. It is not bad or good, it’s not better or worse it only is so if you compare and have a specific conclusion, a point of view on how the other should be, act, what a specific relationship and connection should be like and feel like. Trying to define it instead of watching, allowing and experiencing what that is. If you do so you cannot be there with the other person and will never find out.

   We are all so different, different little pieces that make up us and then what it creates together when the other brings in their own individual elements. It is so beautiful. There is no specific caring or love that is correct, this is caring, this is loving, this is not, this means this and this means that. It depends on the person, and it is the awareness and acceptance of the other as being different then who you are without blaming them or yourself and attempting to change yourself or the other. There is nothing to change just to be, to be with the other as yourself and allowing them to be themselves. To be there within your body’s awareness and not with your mind and it’s preconceived ideas, views, and judgments.

    It’s an acceptance, a love, a gratefulness of what you are together when these two beings with different designs meet. What if we took the time instead of perceiving the other’s behavior through a preconceived lense of what is correct or not, we actually opened our eyes and treated and accepted the other for who they are? Got to know what being them is for them, who they are. What they consider caring, and loving? Doesn’t that sound like more fun?

    If we don’t like what our mechanics create and are together, if it is not correct for us what if we just simply allow it to be so without blaming the other, judging them, trying to find a reason why it does not work for us, making the other person wrong because they do not comply to the views we have as to what is caring, loving, this and that?

    I for one think it’s beautiful, these unique connections we create with each individual. I mean how beautiful is that that each person you come across you will experience and share something unique and special? Isn’t that exciting? We cannot define what we will be, and make with the other and we cannot control it, we are designed the way we are. What if we accepted, loved, marveled ourselves for who we are and accepted the other for who they are without comparing them to anyone? Acknowledging that difference with eyes of wonder instead of judgment because they are not us. Because they are not…. no one is. What applies to us applies to no one else.

   This comparing we do, it’s just a trap, such a trap, so silly. We are dealing with a separate individual….ALWAYS no matter how conditioned they are. It’s, not better, worse, good, or bad its whether they are correct for us, to have these people in your lives. And if they are guess what! They are not better people than those who are not in our life, the good ones, and the ones that are not are bad and stupid and this and that. No…..you are just not correct to be in each other’s life period nothing more. Ahhhh… this judgment and blame. It blinds us from the beauty of life, of ourselves, and the other.

    When we perceive the other as the most caring person in the world or the most loving and we say “oh you are just love,” “you are kind” “you are unkind” “you are mean,” and this and that…is that really true? Or is it that they are the most caring person based on what we perceive and believe to be caring? According to our standards of what a caring and loving person does and acts? The standards of what we have been conditioned to deem as good and bad? Aaahhh…human silliness. We are rarely BEING with the other, with ourselves, and the world instead we are existing within the limitation of our minds.

Perhaps it’s time to be more aware?

<![CDATA[What You Should Know About Individuals]]>Sat, 13 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/what-you-should-know-about-individuals
   What you should know about individuals: For us not interfering in our lives and allowing us to be the different unique freaks we are, allowing us to follow our crazy new ways even though they may be vastly different from what you consider to be normal, the correct and only way, safe, and successful, is our definition of caring.
<![CDATA[Carving New Paths..]]>Mon, 08 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/carving-new-paths
   You can do whatever you like follow any path you choose, mainstream or not, your choice and that’s wonderful. I will do the same as me, I will always lead a life of jumping, leaping into the unknown….going places where no one has ever gone before…or ever knew existed…or thought possible…carving new paths, new horizons….new ways of being….
<![CDATA[34th Βirthday Wish – Listening to the Whispers of the Trees]]>Fri, 05 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/34th-irthday-wish-listening-to-the-whispers-of-the-trees
Yay! I am turning 34! And I have a birthday wish….

   Every year I create a special event, birthday wish as most of you already know. Last year I asked if you could plant a tree.

   This year when I asked myself what I would like to receive this year, what would be the perfect gift, something different came to me….and yes of course it involves trees! What did you think! 

Would you like to play and have fun?

For 34 minutes I would like you to listen…listen to the trees….
You can do that by going to the forest, or on a sidewalk,
Next to your favorite tree, a tree you feel drawn to, or find your favorite type of tree….
Stop…listen…sit… touch that tree….connect…or perhaps lie down next to it…
Be with that tree…feel it….
Get in touch with your gratitude within,
Close your eyes and relax….
Think of all the lovely beautiful trees covering the planet,
All those magnificent creatures,
All that they provide,
The bountiful gifts,
Take in all that beauty…
Maybe think of a time where a tree brought you comfort…nurturing…satisfaction…deep down within…
Perhaps a special memory comes to mind….
Of a time you received the wisdom from its strong powerful roots….
A tree you loved…a tree you climbed…get in touch with the sweet melodies they whispered to you…
The smells that made you feel alive,
Perhaps a cedar tree,
Or a pine,
Listen….to what it has to say…what it has to gift you…
Maybe you would like to climb that tree…
Or dance around it…
Sing a song for that tree…
Write a song about a tree…
Write a poem about this tree…
Or perhaps simply sit enjoy, simply listening…
Doing nothing…
Be with that tree…
Honoring these beautiful creatures that cover our planet…
With their mysterious nature…
What do you choose?
I wonder what they might whisper to you?
What you will receive…
Perhaps you would like to take your child with you and discover what she might whisper to them…
Or maybe you choose to do something else entirely different…

My wish is for you to take time and listen to the trees….

And by all means laugh, laugh, have fun!

If you would like take a photo, or a video, share your experience here in whatever form you would like. I would love to hear what you discovered….

That would be the greatest gift I can receive….

   And if you would like to take a step even further! You know I love to dance. I have had this vision of creating a dance for trees out of different movements from people. If you would like to participate by coming up with a movement one movement that you feel represents this tree, whatever comes to you, and make a video of it sharing it I will use them in the future combining them all up to make up a dance!

Does that sound like fun?

When: 9th of January
Location: Planet Earth

Wishing you a beautiful magical tree journey…

  Bellow is a recording of what I say and ask. Even if you don’t speak Greek you are invited to listen just follow the energy of what I ask 


and here is the facebook event:

<![CDATA[Recognizing Differentiation]]>Wed, 03 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/recognizing-differentiation
    I was just pondering about the different motivations and views according to the Human Design System (the science of differentiation) and how it frames the way we perceive the world.

   A person with a motivation of desire is going to want to change the world, lead people in a better direction, so their life, their view, their reality will always be filled with things that can be better, seeing that we are not quite there. A person with a motivation of innocence is just interested in being, being happy and content in the now, its not about changing anything it s not going to view the world as something that needs to change, just be, and that is healthy for them.

   A person with a motivation of guilt is always looking for something to fix and people to fix, so their life and the world will always be filled with situations and people to fix.

   A person with a view of wanting sees the need the wanting that lack in the world right? Now they can provide that, that’s their gift so the world is always going to include wanting and need in order for that person to be themselves.

   For the person with a view of power who are here to see the winners and losers and keep score the world will always be filled with winners and losers.

   The person with the view of possibility when being themselves will live a life where everything is possible so that has to exist in the world as well. Possibility has a place as well.

   So everything exists and has a function. Need, wanting, winners and losers, being, all have a place and role in the world, an important function.

   We just have labeled certain things as good and bad, but it’s not about that is it? it’s just about correctness for each person in the world. It’s kind of like we try to find fault in the world yet is their really? We deem religion, politics, money or whatever that is as bad, as the cause, that it shouldn’t exist.

    Is it a matter of whether this should exist and this not? Or is it just that there is distortion and the not self running around rampantly? It’s not about eliminating anything, it is about assigning each element to its proper owner without deeming it wrong just because the person that is expressing it is functioning out of its not self and that is not really them. Representing something that isn’t them.

    This is why we can see the beauty in everything right? When it is expressed by a person that is truly being themselves and that’s who they are. We accept it we find it beautiful no matter how different their view is from ours, its empowering. A person with a view of survival that is truly being that I mean really being that is truly sooo beautiful, inspiring, and empowering!

   It comes down to one thing. There is no specific way of being, seeing, acting that is right or wrong, good or bad, its whether or not you are being that unique differentiation and not getting lost in taking on another person’s view , motivation, authority, type, center and being the expression of that which is not you.

    If a projector is trying to be a generator we blame and view projectors, as lazy, negative, bitter this and that. “All projectors are this”etc.…A generator who is not using their energy correctly and is always frustrated the projector looks at them and blames them, all generators are stupid, this and that. But is that really true? Are all projectors this way and all generators bad? A generator that is truly being a generator is astonishing! and even though he is completely different from a projector there is acceptance and allowance. A projector that is being a projector being that guide waiting is beautiful! The individual, tribal, and collective are all amazing and beautiful when acting correctly , healthy, as they are designed to be.

   We seem to forget that it is the not-self that distorts things, this is where the ugliness comes in. So everything can be ugly and everything can be beautiful.

    When a person with a motivation of innocence transfers into the motivation of desire and wanting to lead, they suck at it, its not them so then the whole world that is led by the innocents as leaders are going to deem leaders, politicians etc. as bad. Yes only because the true leaders are being innocent, and not in the leadership roles. It’s not that leadership doesn’t work. A person with a motivation of guilt that is transferring into the motivation of hope when the other looks at this person they are going to say “hopeful people are annoying. Hope is the problem.” Yes because those are not truly the hope people and the people that are truly hopeful are out trying to fix everything.

    You know when I was younger I so often would hear one person’s view and opinion and agree, then I would listen to the other person who had the exact opposite opinion and agree with that and see the beauty in it. I used to wonder “well that can’t be right, one has to be wrong .” Because this is the idea, the illusion distortion we have created.

    Look at the human design system. There is no type, profile, motivation, center, view, diet, environment, gate, channel, incarnation cross that is wrong and bad. That’s doesn’t exist. However they all have the potential to take that form. Only when we are not being that which we are, the way we are designed does it all become distorted, there lies the ugliness. In the self in our design there is no such thing, it is perfect for you, you are designed perfectly for you, no one else. Everyone is beyond beautiful, unique and has an extraordinary design, each type, profile is so extraordinary , not good or bad just DIFFERENT.

   It does not matter if your aura is repelling, observing, enveloping if you are both being who you are it works. You see, acknowledge and are seen for who you are.

   This is why I love the Human Design system because it includes everyone and recognizes everyone for who they are, it allows that differentiation. Now what people take from it and how they use it is a whole different story. However we have been given that opportunity, that allowance, that recognition.

   I wonder what would happen if we could be who we are designed to be, and stop trying to create and be something we are not?

Be that beauty you are designed to be…
<![CDATA[Human Design: Projector Type]]>Sat, 30 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/human-design-projector-type

   You know projectors often forget that if someone doesn’t recognize you it’s not that they don’t care about you, that they are mean or are purposely harming you…it really isn’t. They could love you to death but yet it’s just not correct to invite you…not meant to be…not the right time.

   Humans so often make it negative, wrong, bad…it’s not wrong they are not recognizing you it is merely not correct for both of you at this moment it time…maybe because it would take you off your path to receive an even better amazing incredible one in the future.

   The other is functioning from their point of view, their reality, their perspective which may not align with yours…
   Same thing goes for Generators (or any other type) if you are not being given something to respond to…it doesn’t mean it’s an attack, a lack of caring, or love, something done on purpose, it could even mean the opposite….they care but are inviting you for what they think is correct based on them, they are not seeing you, it is not personal.

  We try so hard so often to make reasons for everything instead of allowing it to be…just be…we have to turn it into something right or wrong. Same thing goes if someone does invite you or recognize you that doesn’t mean “oh they are great” they care, “they see me”…it just is….

Remember it is not whether the other is correct, it is whether they are correct for you…

  The invitation would have to allow both of you the dynamics the mechanics to be yourself…to thrive and be correct in the best way possible.

  Instead of blaming, judging, what if we just allowed others to be with their choices, and allowed life to be?
Trust, be, allow…..
<![CDATA[Beauty of Christmas]]>Sun, 24 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/beauty-of-christmas

   I have been noticing people’s attitude towards Christmas. People dreading being around family, not being able to be themselves, conflict, doing things they don’t want to do. Viewing Christmas as a hustle, “oh I have to buy this for someone,” sadness etc. Forgetting the beauty behind it. I mean Christmas what a beautiful time!!! An opportunity to show, share your love, be creative. Its such a beautiful energy all around festive, fun, exciting. What are we doing turning something so lovely into blah. Sometimes I wonder if we have straw in our heads instead of brains lol.

    I LOVED Christmas as a child!!! I would prepare a couple months ahead making gifts for people up until the day. I would make drawings, cards individually for the members in my family among other things. It was a time I got to share my love for them my gratitude and appreciation. It was sooooo exciting and fun!!! Santa Claus coming, making up gifts I wanted from him that didn’t exist hahaha…

   A beautiful time…I loved the communion the energy at that time, people are more open more receptive during this time I feel….the Christmas lights and decorations, the stores decorated in celebration of life, all the little customs that go with it, its just so beautiful!

    Every moment of my family tradition was so much fun for me…the opening of presents, feeling everyone’s joy opening their gifts…playing board games, and watching movies…and of course all the sweets…lord the sweets!…cakes and chocolate chip cookies(that was probably my favorite part).

   My favorite thing though was people’s openness and joy at this time…the energy that surrounds Christmas. People let go a little at this time perhaps being more of themselves.

   Yesterday I sat to get in touch and feel all that joy I felt as a child, the fun, the excitement the good times, amplifying that joy, excitement, love, enthusiasm, bliss, fun and being that energy. When I did, it felt wonderful! I felt immense gratitude. The anticipation, surprises, of opening the gifts, the anticipation of Santa coming and if he will enjoy the drawings I made for him, and on and on..ALL of that…I took all that in..its so beautiful..life is beautiful.

    What if I could view, receive everyone and everything as Santa Claus? What if I viewed life as Santa Claus that is present moment by moment every day all day for all eternity? These are some questions that came to me to write down.

    Santa Claus represents magic, being, possibility in my eyes. Yet he only comes once a year and people reject even that. What if he was around all day every day? He works hard all year so he can be himself on Christmas day (don’t make me comment on this one please, I rolling my eyes) to be who he is, sharing his gifts receiving gifts from the children and giving gifts, being what his purpose is. So in a way Christmas is a celebration of being and stepping into who we are. Gifting ourselves to others and receiving from others. Isn’t that beautiful? I believe it’s beyond beautiful…

     As I was walking last night my little pal I adore, I enjoyed so much walking around the neighborhoods and seeing all the different creativity of Christmas lights, the spirit of it all. I see Christmas as an opportunity for people to open up, have fun, receive, gift, be creative…be….I enjoy tuning into this energy of people gifting others…feeling the children’s joy & excitement. Now that is a gift, focusing on the children, not the negativity surrounding Christmas…but the innocent , joyfulness, excitement for the holidays of the children.

What if we chose to view and feel about Christmas from the energy of how we use to feel about it as children before we got conditioned by the world around us? And if you didn’t have that what if you listened to the children right now? to their Christmas energy and spirit?

    Focusing on the beauty and those who are being themselves…the children…and trust me its beyond beautiful if you do. Focus on that immense I mean IMMENSE beauty that is all around. LISTEN…listen to YOU…to your inner being…remember who you are…be open, love, engage, feel, have FUN, LAUGH, with no judgment. Receive it all, love it all.

    Me and my little buddy are wishing you a special, beautiful, loving, amazing, fun, playful joyful Christmas…and I am sending you a big hug and kiss!!!!!!!

<![CDATA[My next book is out  Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature”]]>Sat, 16 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/my-next-book-is-out-treea-fairy-tales-gentle-nature

   Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature” is a continuation of a never ending journey into a wise and wondrous world full of earth’s animals and the vast terrain of nature. The mystery of life is wrapped in a gift of adventure within fairy tales. This book is overflowing with fun, magic, dreams, empowerment, awareness, beauty and so much more. There is no such thing as age or time upon this journey only a world of boundless freedom. Each story has a special message for you.

   Here are some stories of beautiful sweet creatures sharing their tales, so you can journey into their land of wisdom and gentleness and discover some secret messages just for you.

   I wonder what gift each story will whisper to you? No matter who you are or where you are, you are about to embark on an enchanting, magical journey into the world within and beyond.

   Treea Fairy Tales “Gentle Nature,” is an expression of my being, these stories came from deep within. It makes me one of the happiest people alive that I get to share them with you now. I will not define them, I will leave that up to you, allowing these stories to unfold on their own, and the book to speak for itself.

  Enjoy with all your being and never stop believing in the magic of life!!!!

For ages 0-Infinite.

Available now:


Amazon UK

& all Amazon Europe

<![CDATA[First Time Dancing In The Snow]]>Wed, 06 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/first-time-dancing-in-the-snow
My first time dancing in the snow….
I was drawn to a spontaneous midnight walk. I went down by the river. The moon was so bright and you could see the snow covering the mountains all around. Of course I danced, I have never danced on snow before…it was soooooo beautiful….you could see the snow covered mountain reflected in the water. Dance is the air I breathe…

On the way back I saw four deer…no coyotes unfortunately but I do get to hear them pretty much every night so that’s special enough.
Again dancing is the air I breathe….
<![CDATA[Judgement]]>Sun, 03 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/judgement
    Why are people always looking to find what is wrong with the other, to criticize, and make them wrong, instead of looking at the beauty in them? We are so full of opinions…this is right this is wrong…I know better blabla. As if our insecurities push us to find fault in the other so we can feel better.

   It’s all ideas, points of views nothing more, yet we set as the ultimate truth. Is there such a thing or is it our unique personal truth, to live by but not try and enforce on the other? I wonder how people don’t find it exhausting. We strive so much to find something wrong and even right instead of just being…allowing…life and the other to be….no one is you…look at the gift everyone offers even if in your mind perceives it as negative, painful because that’s how we have learned to perceive it…blaming the other…because they do not meet what YOU want…because your energies do not meet…and perhaps should just remain in the far distance.

   What is this love of finding fault in the other? Pretending we know. Be and let the other be….allow life to be…instead of finding fault all the time there…this judgment of everything around us…..so much energy wasted…energy that can be used to create so much beauty if we just focused on ourselves and our life and being who we are…what satisfies us, empowers us, so we can have peace within.

We are so conditioned to judge ourselves, others, and life that we miss the beauty of the journey…of life, of the other, of ourselves…the bountiful gifts and wisdom that it bestows…awareness begins to drift away…instead enjoy the journey, the ride..be yourself and acknowledge all the unique one of a kind of individuals that surround you…