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Motivations According to the Human Design System:
Those with color 3 Motivation of Desire are here to lead, to be involved, change what needs correction involved with what is not working in the world, the not-self. Those of us with color 6 a Motivation of Innocence are not here to be involved with all of that, it is not who we are. We are not here to be involved in what is going on in the world, with you. We are the role models, the fool that sits on the hill enjoying the stillness, watching all of you from a distance, just being.
We are here to be involved in what is correct, enjoying the beauty of life, just being in the moment, no plans, no agenda, no reason. Seeing and being the gift of life. We are not motivated we are just being. So do not try to involve us, that is not what we are here for. We do not see correction or problems, or something to change. We are not going to show you the way, we are going to be the way. We are doing in our way.
We shine differently. Perhaps those with a Motivation of Desire the leaders, and 5th color Motivation of Guilt the fixers (both doers) are meant to deal with the not-self and those with color 6 innocence are here to deal with the self?
We cannot fix or correct nor lead we have NO motive. Giving us something to fix or change is giving us a motive. This is not how we see. Let us be. We are not better, or more caring, or more loving, you are just different than me.
Observe as we are here to observe watch us float among the trees and nature’s little pleasures, being, let us be wild. Our gift lies elsewhere, do not try and involve us. If you do, you lose the powerful gift we offer. You cannot control us, only allow us. We do not belong among all of that. We are here to be involved in self. We do not try, we are here to be, with no particular goals, or dreams, we are open. Do not envy us, do not fear us, do not try and be us this is our way. Be your own beautiful motivation, what is true for you.

If you are color 2 Motivation of Hope sit and be hopeful, if you are color 1 Motivation of Fear investigate, use that amazing intelligence. Everyone in their rightful place and allow others to be in their rightful place. I am not you.
Such a beauty a motivation of Innocence is, such a beauty a motivation of Desire is, such a beauty a motivation of Guilt and Hope is, and that of Need and Fear. Such a beauty the Individual is, and such a beauty the Collective and Tribal are when they remain in their rightful place when it is being itself….and well, also when it’s not being self…..
<![CDATA[A Different Look at Conditioning]]>Thu, 12 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/a-different-look-at-conditioning
    As much as not being ourselves is seen as something bad. I see and observe so much beauty in it as well. For example a person that transfers from a motivation of desire into innocence. Me having a motivation of innocence when they do so they give me permission to be myself by not being themselves, they remind me of who I am. So not being ourselves at times can be beautiful too. And of course it happens all the time where we are being different levels of who we are, that too has a role. In that we get to see who we truly are through conditioning, through the other not-self and self behavior through what we consider “wrong” and “right” behavior. It s all beautiful, fascinating, and entertaining when you surrender to being yourself…simply observing the movie or life.
<![CDATA[Generator Beauty]]>Tue, 10 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/generator-beauty
This is something I wrote for all of you beautiful Generators (Generators from the Human Design System) 

Generators maybe not be so hard on yourselves? It’s not like you are going to be satisfied every single day of your life eh? Enjoy the journey the mystery the experiment of getting closer and closer to having that more and more. Discovering what that satisfaction is for you and only you. Knowing that as time goes by its just going to be getting better and better as you let go of what your mind thinks that satisfaction is, limiting yourself to what that can be, and discovering newer and newer ways you can receive that satisfaction. Allowing the wisdom of your body to guide you.
Knowing it’s going to get better and better because you are aware of how it works. And if a deeply unsatisfying day happens and you are frustrated does that really matter? Have you truly failed anything? Or it just is? Maybe it’s part of your movie at that moment in time.

You have tomorrow and the next day. On to the next thing to respond to! You are always being given things to respond to every day, all day, that can change that, that can turn your dissatisfaction into satisfaction once again. Do you see the power in that? The IMMENSE power? You are so POWERFUL! You are! Yes, maybe you didn’t burn that energy, the battery correctly that day, the next though it’s there once again filled up once again, so that this time you can use it correctly. It NEVER runs out. You have a new choice each day to respond correctly. You never lose that battery, it never stops replenishing, it is always there. Do you see the gift in that? You are BEAUTIFUL.

<![CDATA[THE TEDDY BEAR & THE PINK CASTLE (VISUALIZATION FOR CHILDREN)]]>Thu, 05 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/the-teddy-bear-the-pink-castle-visualization-for-children
(A fun and empowering visualization I created for you to use with your child or little loved one. I feel will be the beginning of a series. Enjoy!!!).

    Take a few fun deep breaths in through your cute nose….filling your tummy with sparkling relaxation…and breathe out any un-fun stuff…maybe you can imagine your breath as a shinny color…blue or green…or purple…or yellow…any color you wish…again take a deep fun colorful breath in through your nose and breathe out any un-funess in your life…..
 You may close your eyes if you wish…as we are about to have a fun adventure….

      Imagine you are surrounded by sparkles…they are everywhere…coming from left and right…up and down…I wonder what color they are? Perhaps there are two colors or many different colors…maybe there is even a whole rainbow of colors….how fun!…you are standing there…I wonder what you are feeling?…are you excited?…happy?…I wonder what you do…perhaps you jump in the air from joy with your hands in the sky…or maybe you twirl around…you feel happy and deeply relaxed…

Suddenly a big fluffy teddy bear appears…it has a purple nose….notice what color the teddy bear is…if it is one color or two…Or maybe more? What is the teddy bear like? Is it comfy and fun? The teddy bear is floating around giggling surrounded by the beautiful sparkles…a yellow breeze comes along in a fast speed…rather than floating the teddy bear can now fly and soar the skies…the teddy bear takes you by the hand safely into its arms…you now are both flying through the sky together…traveling to magical places you never knew existed…you relax even more within the safety and comfort of the fluffy sky…

    You come to a pink castle in the sky floating on a big white fluffy cloud…this castle is pure magic!  In it and all around are all sorts of magical things happening all created by the children of the world simply by using their imagination! You begin to explore the fairy tale place…I wonder what you see…you feel amazing…there is a scuba diver diving deep into the sky ocean, a ball bouncing happily around, and lots and lots of tasty ice cream…vanilla and strawberry and chocolate…are there any other flavors? you take a deep breath and smell the yummy smell of ice cream…There are colors everywhere…it is a playground of fun and laughter…the best you have ever seen so far…a beautiful land…I wonder what else you see, hear, and smell in this wonderful playground…

     A flying horse with wings fly’s by…it is galloping in the air….on its body is written, “what if you had fun everyday all day?” you notice the horse’s eyes and look deep into its eyes…you feel even more relaxed…it leans down and invites you to hop on its back and take a ride…excitement fills your heart…you gently climb on the horse along with the teddy bear…and off you go…flying around gently and slowly around in a few circles and around the pink castle…there on the top of the castle are two small clouds on each peak…the cloud is made out of chocolate chip cookies!…thousands of chocolate chip cookies…there is a sweet yummy smell in the air as if they just came out of the oven freshly baked…in the middle of each cloud is a pink donut…as you look up into the sky you can now see the sun smiling at you…it waves hello to you….I wonder what else you see…

    The horse makes a few swirls around the castle and then down it lands softly near the entrance of the floating castle in the sky…you and the teddy bear gently slide off…you look deep into the eyes of the horse and say thank you for the beautiful ride you just had…you feel so happy and joy fills your entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

    You look at the teddy bear it is now time to give a name to the teddy bear…I wonder what name you choose?…(be silent for a minute while the child picks a name)…the door of the castle then opens…you are excited…bubbles come floating out of the door surrounding you…a green and a purple fairy come flying out on one of the bubbles…the teddy bear joyfully begins to play with the bubbles and so do you…

    Above the castle door there is writing it says…“You Are The Gift.” …a walking silver and blue mirror comes and stands in front of you…you look at your reflection in the mirror and notice how beautiful and perfect you are…what a gift you are…you are amazed at how wonderful you are…special..and unique…there is no one else like you… you are special and unique…your own special kind of flower…you know this deep down within you…you feel it…you are grateful to be you…you are happy to be you…there is no one else like you…you are special and unique…special and unique.

     It is time to go into the pink floating castle…notice…do you run or do you walk?…I wonder what you see there in the castle…what magical things you see…perhaps magical beings and animals…or colors…notice…what do you see…smell…or hear? You feel beautiful…relaxed…and comfortable…enjoy all the beautiful gifts it has to offer you…take a deep breath and breathe all that fun and beauty in…isn’t the most beautiful place you have ever seen?
 (Pause for a few minutes).

     And now slowly begin to return here…at the count of 5 you are going to return here in the bed (put location they are laying down or sitting) awake and feeling wonderful…and magical remembering your beauty and uniqueness…1…2…3…gently moving your body…4…gently getting ready to open your eyes…and…5…eyes open…you are special and unique.

<![CDATA[This Vehicle: The Only One]]>Tue, 03 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/this-vehicle-the-only-one
This vehicle…

My favorite one,
Being within it…
The best feeling there is,
I forget sometimes…
That it is the best sensation in the world,
To be aligned within myself,
To be myself,
To express myself,
There is no other thing, person, or place like it,
Or that can replace it,
Everything else feels fake…unnatural,
Comfortableness is found only within my own vehicle.
I can only be the uniqueness of me,
It is the only thing that feels fun, yummy, correct…euphoric,
This vehicle I ADORE…
That I am deeply grateful for,
Every little piece of it,
All its attributes,
Physical and non-physical,
Its movement,
Its innocence,
Its endless possibilities,
Its freakiness,
Its mutative capacity,
It’s will power,
Its ambition,

Its fearlessness,
Its selfishness,
Its recognition,
Its company,
Hell, its everythingness!
I carry it everywhere I go.
My most trusted advisor…
My only advisor….
There to remind me of the beauty of my uniqueness,
The beauty of the world…
The beauty and insanity of the program.
This vehicle…my best friend…
<![CDATA[LOVE IS…..]]>Fri, 30 Mar 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/love-is
    All this love is this, love is that, only certain things, behaviors, words, actions are love and others not. Well I say, garbage boloney! love is what it is for each and every one of us individually and uniquely.
<![CDATA[No Matter What]]>Fri, 23 Mar 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/no-matter-what
No matter what degree, expertise, title, history, experience you have you Do NOT know what is true and correct for the other. Ask questions, stop making assumptions and generalizations.
<![CDATA[It’s Not Only About Being Yourself….]]>Fri, 23 Mar 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/its-not-only-about-being-yourself
There is the not –self taking in and being what you are not from the outside world, not knowing who you truly are. There is also being who you are being your unique self and perceiving the world through your eyes, not seeing everyone is different everyone is designed differently and if others are not acting based on how you perceive and experience the world they are wrong.

People accept certain traits characteristics, ideas, emotions, views, behaviors as the truth the universal truth, as the correct way to be based on the not-self the outside world and then also based on who they are.
An ultimate truth does not exist. A right or wrong feeling does not exist, a right or wrong person does not exist, or a thing, or a behavior, or a way to do things or be.
People being themselves and people not being themselves both can be stupid. Being yourself and acknowledging everyone’s uniqueness are two separate things both are necessary in order to eliminate judgment and accept uniqueness. And it begins by being your unique self, loving yourself, then you begin to see….
<![CDATA[Who Would Not Want to Have a Body When You Can Dance?]]>Thu, 08 Mar 2018 02:55:14 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/who-would-not-want-to-have-a-body-when-you-can-dance
    My body has become its own guide, I have no role, it takes over…it is effortless….it now speaks…it expresses beyond expression….automatic effortless expression…I don’t do anything…the body taken… drifting…traveling…lost in sublime pleasure…EVERY part of me is alive…there is not a single inch that is not ecstatic, every cell is pure, vibrant as can be…captivated by the sound…it’s lost within the music.  It has strings puling my vehicle…beingness…I am being…no time… no nothing but the sound, the music the most satisfying of feelings…out of this world…fully in my body yet at the same time as if I don’t have a body…I can do anything…the sentence “I love my body” flashes through my awareness…I feel gratefulness for its existence…for without it I would not be experiencing this moment…the greatest gift of all…who would not want a body when you can dance? Insanity!

    My body speaks every language, every dialect, and movement…it speaks words that have not yet been created…it creates a new movement each second…my consciousness is now fully an observer… watching in awe…my mind does not know how…its mechanical…natural…for I have allowed it full reign to be…to exist…to do as it pleases and create any movement, sensation it wishes…it is joyful, creating a communion, an appreciation…and love…a love for every part of my body…it’s the most in love I feel with my body and being…tingling fills my entire vehicle…I exist only here and now…my hands and fingers flow moving all that is within me and without…it is unstoppable….powerful… pppffff… who would not want a body when you can dance?
<![CDATA[01:00 AM]]>Tue, 06 Mar 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://thetreemouseionofcreativity.com/blog---treea-a-dryads-dreams/0100-am
   What is the BESTEST BESTEST I mean BESTEST(grammar people sshhh) thing to do at 1:00 at night? Daannncceee….aaaahhhhh… euphoria is nothing compared to it….